Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Mike's and my book is coming out

Our book
is finally coming out:

You can buy it on,, or

tilde's in URLs (LaTeX)

Obscure LaTeX command:

\textasciitilde{} % for tilde's in URLs as text.

I'd been using $\sim$.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Public and private cv's (LaTeX)

Not directly related to statistics but:

Often one wants to have a public cv that one can put on the web, and a more restricted one that has private information that one only needs for a job application or something. Instead of maintaining two cvs, there's an easy way to automate it if you are a latex user.

1. For a public cv, type:

## public
pdflatex vasishthcv.tex

2. For a restricted cv, type:
## restricted
pdflatex -jobname vasishthcv "\def\UseOption{opta}\input{vasishthcv}"

where in the tex file, you have in the preamble:



in the text itself for restricted sections use:

\opt{opta}{Home address:...}