Sunday, November 06, 2011

How to present one's reviewing service in one's cv

I've been listing my reviewing service as an enumerated list in my cv till now, but recently I saw a better option: Brian Roark's cv has a semi-graphical representation of his reviewing record. His presentation is ugly IMHO, but the idea is great. So, inspired by his example, I came up with this as a first attempt:

The code goes like this:

The data file has the outlet (journal etc. name) and year, sorted by the number of times I reviewed for that outlet.

> head(data)
               outlet year count.sum
9      Brain_Research 2006         1
10                CBG 2010         1
11               CJAL 2012         1
28                DFG 2007         1
29 Dial_and_Discourse 2010         1
30               EACL 2012         1

Define the x and y axes:


And plot:


alpha=I(2/3),ylab="year",xlab="journals/conferences/funding agencies/other",main=paste("summary of reviewing service (2003-2011); ",n," items \n public version [sorted by frequency] \n current as of ",Sys.Date()),position=position_jitter(w=0, h=.2))+coord_flip())

Suggestions for improvement are most welcome.

This presentation has so many advantages over a listing: it tells you whom I reviewed for most, and it's more compact.

Of course, I have two versions of this plot, one is public (the one above), and the other is private (because I review for universities and don't want to violate confidentiality). I have a switch in latex that generates a public or private version:

In the preamble write:


Then the public version goes like this:

%% public version
\caption{ACL: Association of Computational Linguistics; AMLaP: Architectures and Mechanisms for Language Processing; BRM: Behavior Research Methods; 
CBG: Copenhagen Business School;
CUNY: CUNY Sentence Processing Conference; Cog\_Sci: Cognitive Science; Cog\_Sci\_Conf: Cognitive Science Conference; DFG: Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft; Dial\_and\_Discourse: Dialogue and Discourse; EACL: European ACL; ETAP: Experimental and Theoretical Approaches in Prosody; ESF: European Science Foundation;  ICCM: International Conference on Cognitive Modeling; JML: Journal of Memory and Linguistics; J\_Jap\_Ling: Journal of Japanese Linguistics; J\_of\_Ling: Journal of Linguistics; LCP: Language and Cognitive Processes; Lang\_and\_Speech: Language and Speech; Ling\_Evidence: Linguistic Evidence; NLLT: Natural Language and Linguistic Theory; NSF: National Science Foundation (USA); NWO: Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research; PBR: Psychological Bulletin and Review; Research\_Lang\_Comp: Research on Language and Competition; TiCS: Topics in Cognitive Science.}

And the private version goes like this:

\opt{opta}{your figure here}

When compiling one does (> is the command line):

for the public version:
> pdflatex vasishthcv.tex

for the restricted version:
> pdflatex -jobname vasishthcv "\def\UseOption{opta}\input{vasishthcv}"