Thursday, January 25, 2007

using winbugs with gelman and hill book on intel macs

I finally installed Windows on my Mac (a traumatic experience) and finally got the code working. However, the startup instructions on the website of the book did not work for me. I offer a working example for other souls as clueless as myself. The first problem is that the libraries have to be installed manually, they do not install automatically as adverstised. Second, the library R2WinBUGS has to be called explicitly to run the critical bugs command.
Also, if anyone out there is thinking of installing a dual boot environment in Mac in order to install WinBUGS, there is a bug (no pun intended) in the licence installation of WinBUGS. The decode command for the license does not work as advertised, but the license installs anyway.
The working version is here:

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