Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Linear models summary sheet

As part of my long slog towards statistical understanding, I started making notes on the very specific topic of linear models. The details are tricky and hard to keep in mind, and it is difficult to go back and forth between books and notes to try to review them. So I tried to summarize the basic ideas into a few pages (the summary sheet is not yet complete).

It's not quite a cheat sheet, so I call it a summary sheet.

Here is the current version:

Needless to say (although I feel compelled to so it), the document is highly derivative of lecture notes I've been reading. Corrections and comments and/or suggestions for improvement are most welcome.

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isomorphismes said...

It still counts even if you are just making a shorter version for the next person who's learning it. Anything to make the next person's learning faster or simpler.

By the way, with Pandoc you can turn the .tex into a markdown file for the github.